viernes, 3 de junio de 2011


Palacio de WestminsterAbout four years ago, in the summer, I was in London. London is the capital of England. It's a very tourist's place because there are many places to visit and lots of monuments to see. It was my best holiday.

In London you can see the Big Ben, London Bridge or ride on the London Eye. You also can visit some museums like the British museum, the RAF museum, the museum of Natural History, Science museum. You could go to Trafalgar Square or see Saint Paul's Cathedral.

The most typical food in England are the famous fish and chips but also are very know the pies of meat and vegetables and the Roast Beef. Or the abundants breakfasts with sausages, chees, mushrooms accompained with coffee or tea. I also have to mention the marmite, like they say "love it or hate it".

As well is very famous the River Thamesis, where you can sail with a boat. Many people in London have boats to drive them through the river. Some people live on the river inside their boats. So excursions for the River Thames that are very well-know.

The reason it was my best holiday was because, I loved that place, it has so many beautiful and amaizing places that I was impressed. And I visited almost all of them, at least the most famous. As well is good to see different cultures and ways to live. I think it's a very good place to visit. ¡DON'T DIE WITHOUT VISIT LONDON!

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