martes, 9 de julio de 2013

The strange visitor

Everything had already happened, everything had finished. Although she had been told that would happen, she was terrified. She had also been told that she was immune but she didn't know what she was immune to. 

The whole world was quiet. Just the sound of breath could be heard. After apocalypse everything and everyone had died, however, there she was, immersed in solitude.

Then, someone knocked the door, startled and relieved for a visitor she rushed downstairs and opened it. It was a middle-aged man. - "You're coming with me" he said. He dragged her into a car. - "I want your DNA and some people your blood". Now, she was more frightened.

The ex-killer inspector

...And there was Raymond, a thirty-aged ex-killer man who was helping the police now.

He was in front of the door that separated him from his new corpse. With his characteristic impulsive coldness, got into the room. He was tall, had black hair and his eyes were incredibly dark. He always wore a black jacket undone.

He's sure about everything he does and he's always calm. He never gets upset for anything. Though he is an antracctive worth knowing person, his longing for killing or seen murdered people and his bad reputation make he has never had a girlfriend that survived.

When solving crimes, his victims were examintaed before he reach a conclusion that is always certain.