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The street lawyer - John Grisham


I got in the lift, a homeless person (DeVon Hardy) also got in with me. When I got my story I go out and everyone was staring me, I realized the homeless was pointing me with a gun. He ordained me to tie everybody and I did it.

He ordered some soup and bread, next he was complaining about the economic differences that are in the society. How people like them, earn thousands dollars each year and people as him haven't got any to eat. He also was asking each person how many do they earn and how many do the give to poor people. He as well knew that one of them had done the enviction of the house where he lived and he want to know it.

His food arrived, when he opend the door he recived a mortal shot in the head
which stainded Michael of blood.
Michael arrived his home sad and sore. He was talking with his wife about their lifes. They both live for work and they have to change it. They barely see each other.
image of the cover of the book
After this incident Michael's mind changed, now, his main wanting was help poor people. DeVon Hardy's words had made Michael think cleary. Now he is a new man.

Michael did some little researches and he discover that RiverOaks is a company whose lawyers are Drake & Sweeney who did the enviction of the werehouse where DeVon and other beggars live.

Then Michael go to a small law company where meet Mordecai Green and tell him this information. On his side, Mordecai said to Michael that they weren't squatters but tenants, so the enviction was illegal.

Although Michael deepened more his invetigation about RiverOaks he barely found information but he could find their lawyer and went to his office. There he request the enviction file and took out of the building.

Mordecai phoned him to ask for help in a shelter. There Michael knew the Burton family that moved him. Next day he buy them lots of things but he saw on TV that this family had die sleeping in a car with the engine on and the smoke had killen them.

Mordecai and Michael after see the corpses of the family went to the funeral of them. They both couldn't let it happens more and Mordecai offered Michael a job is his firm for 90.000 dollars less than is his previous job and Michael accepted pleased.

He told his wife his new job and she go to a divorce lawyer but he didn't meant it too much. After that,he went to his parent's house and also spoke them about his new job. His parents didn't agree it either.

The last day in his expensive office, Michael found two keys in his desk that Hector Palma (Chance's legal assistant) had let. One of Chance's office and the other of the drawer were was the envicton file. -I will take it out, make some photocopies and bring it back. -Thought Michael. But his plan didn't went well because while he was driving the car he had an accident and ended up in the hospital. He didn't stay there for long. He has to get an apartment and recover the file.

He met Hector who gave him back(he noticed was a note missing) the file. Hector aslo told him about the fingerprints Michael had left in the office. -Surely, they will discover you. -Said Hector. Michael continue working as usual. His new clients were people who weren't collecting money of their old jobs. He also had a drug addict client, Ruby, and carry her to a rehabilitation center. There he met Megan that was in charge of the center.

One night, Claire phoned Michael saying that the police was in her house. Michael went quickly to her house and he found the policemen were searching for the file. Michael said that he had it and then they went out.

Then, Michael told to Mordeai everything: he has taken the RiverOaks file and noticed that there is a missing note that Hector had written saying the envicter people were tenants. Mordecai suggested to carry out a lawsuit againts RiverOaks, so, they needed the note.

Michael found Hector and persuaded Hector to give him a copy of the note

He returned to Mordecai's office and the police took him to the prison. Luckily, Mordecai got him out with a bail. Mordecai and Michael were going to carry out a lawsuit for the death of the Burton family and the enviction. Arthur suggested to have a meeting with a judge. In the meeting, they finally dealed that Drake & Sweeney will pay $25.000 for each envicted person and $3 million for the Burton family. Michael only will lost his license for nine months.

As Michael can't work without his license, he started a pro bono program(to help homeless people). Surprisingly, Arthur wanted to promote it and he contributed with 400 lawyers for this program.

Michael, Megan and Ruby spend the next weekend out like a little holidays.


Michael Brock: the protagonist. He works in Drake Sweeney.
Claire Brock: his wife
Mordecai Green: a lawyer who helps poor people
Megan: works in a shelter. Michael's later love
Ruby: One of Michael's client who was drug addict.
Arthur Jacobs:Michael's first job boss
Braden Chance: the lawyer who covered the enviction
Hector Palma:Braden's paralegal that help Michael with the enviction case.
Lontae Burton:a homless woman who has four children.
Sofia:a social worker associated with Mordecai and Abraham (another lawyer).

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