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The firm - John Grisham


Mitchell Y. McDeere was a twenty-five lawyer perfect for Bendini, Lambert & Locke law firm. He was about to leave the University and few law firms were interested in him. Finally he got in Bendini firm because they offer him a BMW, a house and $80,000 per year.

Mitch and Abby, his wife, will have to move to Memphis. Once he joined the firm, Lamar Quin (not a partner yet) showed him the building which was five stories high. It was everything they need inside, they didn't need to go out for anything.
In the top floor did his job DeVasher, the head of security that apparently he gathered every information about the use of the facilities of the firm and their employees in order to protect the firm.

When they moved to Memphis they stayed the Quins who helped them to buy a house, a wonderful house. In the firm he worked with Avery, one of the partners, and helped him. At the begining he worked a lot, more than anybody. He also attended a meeting where Lambert spoke about the recent deaths of Marty and Joe.

On one occasion, while he was having lunch, a police agent, Tarrance, told him not to trust anybody in the firm, that he taked into account almost everything he will say will be recordered and that he'll have to work hard. He also said to him that Marty's and Joe's deaths weren't accidental and gave him his phone number. Now he didn't know whom to trust, therefore he told his conversation to his firm but didn't spoke anything about his phone number.

fron pageAfter speak with his brother who gave the name of a private investigator, Mitch hired him to investigate the three dead lawyers from Bendini and Tarrance. He went for the first time with Avery to the Cayman Islands to do some tax work. There, he knew a beautiful woman in the beach with he ended up making love.

When he met Eddie, he told Mitch that all three of the dead lawyers had died in mysterious crcumstances. But he hadn't got anything about Tarrance. He told Abby their phones, house and car were bugged and they would listen their conversations but they had to continue living as normal.

One day, Eddie was decieved for do a job but he was finally killed. Anyway, Michell kept in touch with Tammy, Eddie's secretary. Voyles an important boss of the FBI spoke with Mitch and warned him to be careful of the firm, they bugged even the office, and you can't leave it alive. It's owned by the Morolto crime family, the Mafia. Voyles ordered Mitchel to photocopy files to get evidence so as they can dismantle the firm. They offer him 2 millions dollars. he accepted.

He told everything to Abby. He met Tarrance again, but now he believe the FBI. He communicate it quickly to his firm pretendig as he was upset and puzzled due to the FBI had contacted him twice. Although everyone believed him, DeVasher suspected him.

To copy files they set a plan and carried it out. Tammy get Avery drunk in a bar and take him to his room. there, she slept him with a sleeping pill. Then with the help of Abby, they copied all the files he had in a room and kept them in another room Tammy had rented.

For his part, DeVasher was doing researches about Mitch and their movements. Finally The FBI managed to get Ray out of prison. An FBI agent spoke,so DeVasher finally discovered Mitch and the documets the FBI had. Mitch talked with Tarrance and he told Mitch and FBI agent had spoken. Then Mitch get angry with him and kept the documents. Now Mitch and his wife were in danger for part of the firm and for part of the FBI.

Mitch gave Tammy some instructions to keep his wife safe. Abby was said to go to a Hotel. Abby moved again to another hotel with Ray. Meanwhile, Mitch was taking the files from the flat to the van he had rented and he carried them to an hotel. They also get new passports and other documents. Ray, Abby and Mitch finally met and went to another hotel. They contacted with Tarrance to give him the adress of the files. At the end the FBI arrested lots of people of the firm and the Morolto family was finished.


Mitchell Y. McDeere: a young lawyer, who had finished the University recently and joined Bendini firm.
Abby: his wife.
Ray: Mitch's brother who was in prision and after he was released.
Wayne Tarrance: a exerienced FBI agent that tried to help Mitch but failed.
Eddie Lomax: an ex-prison mate of Ray and private investigator who Mitch hired but dead by the Morolto family.
Tammy Hemphill: Eddie's secretary. She helped Mitch after Eddie's dead.
Oliver Lambert: is a very important associated of the firm.
DeVasher: he is in charge of follow every step of each employee of the firm.
Lazarov: hi's at the top of the Morolto crime family.

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  1. Carlos, ¡no sabes qué bien me ha venido este resumen, y además en inglés! Tengo un examen de idiomas donde me preguntarán sobre este libro, el cual me leí hace tanto tiempo que no me acuerdo de nada!
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  2. De nada. La verdad es que es muy buen libro. De hecho han sacado una serie hace poco de este libro un poco más actual que la pelícla de Tom Cruise que está muy bien. Yo ya he visto la primera temporada y me gusta mucho, la han estructurado muy bien; la recomiendo.

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  4. Very good summary, it was really helpful for me , thanks a lot

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